A study is the workspace for designing forms, triggering case report data collection and extracting records.

List studies

From the list of studies the following operations are available:

Add a study

When creating a study, a name is required, a description is optional.

Delete study(ies)

To delete several studies:

  • Select one or more studies in the list,

  • Press the Delete selected studies button and confirm.

You can also delete a specific study by pressing the study’s Delete action button.


The removal of a study will fail when there are associated case reports. Make sure to extract the recorded data (if necessary) before removing them.

Single study

To navigate to a study page, click on the study’s name or the pencil icon. The page that is opened lists the forms, the case report forms and the records of the study.

Edit study

It is possible to edit the study name and description by clicking on the cog icon.

List forms

See Forms documentation.

List case report forms

See Case Report Forms documentation.

List records

See Records documentation.