How to group fields?

Amber has limited capabilities in terms of page layout. It is still possible to have several fields on the same page, even if they depend on each other.

Step 1 - Add a group item

Add an item and select the Group type. A name is required as it will be used a prefix to name included fields. It is also possible to define a label and a description.

A condition defined at a group level will apply to all its children (see How to make fields conditional?).

Step 2 - Add child items

There are different ways of adding a item inside of a group:

  • Select the group item and add a new item: it will be placed at the last position.

  • Select a child item of the group and add a new item: it will be placed at the following position.

  • Select an existing item and move it up/down until it is included to the group item.

  • Select an existing item, cut it, select the group item and paste the item as a new child.

The position of the added item in the group can be modified by clicking on the move up or move down buttons of the item.


A group inside another group is currently not supported.

Step 3 - Use the children values in conditions/validations

The name of the group constitutes a namespace for the included items and therefore these item names must be prefixed with the group name.


If the child field VARIABLE of the group GROUP is a numeric value, a validation script will look like:


Because of the group namespacing, it is possible to define items with same name in different groups: